Saturday, December 31, 2011

Skala Collective - Black Constellation (2011)

/Krautrock, Post-rock, Avant-rock, Ambient rock, Instrumental rock, Psychedelic rock, Free jazz, Avant-industrial, Space rock, Experimental rock, Dub rock, Electronic, Improvised music/

: Skala Collective, a trio out there provides a mesmerizing blend of post-rock, electronica, free jazz/improvised music, space rock, ambient. At times it is gloomy and contemplative on its propulsive post-metal/doom metal and illbient/dark ambient-esque run, at times thoroughly acute due to its krautrock-ish progressions. On the other side, however, the most off-beat tendency is that the trio (Roger; Maya; GBart) fuses the structures of post-rock with the steps of dub rock balancing between majestic and soothing. In any cases, you can draw parallels upon the likes of Cul De Sac, and Tortoise, Jessamine, and Bardo Pond, Melting Clouds, and Gastr Del Sol. All in all, it is an outstanding (rock) album for sure.
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