Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nheap - Clouds Under The Table (2011)

/Post-rock, Organic electronica, Experimental rock, Art rock, Instrumental rock, Fusion, Jazz/

Comment: I can only agree with the statement that creative music can also be warm, for instance, if to regard Massimo Discepoli`s 8-piece brand new one. More profoundly, you can mention that it is a lofty trudge alongside the shores of vibraphone-drenched and emphasized live drum-driven post-rock, and electric piano-dominated intimate jazz (and even imbued with fusion) progressions having lots of similarities with such groups as The Dylan Group, and Tortoise, and on the other side you can detect for the influence by Steve Reich`s Drumming, for instance. Moreover, Discepoli`s project does have a strong retrodelic touch within itself.
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