Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Hirundu - The Return To Swill Mountain (2011)

/Dark ambient, Experimental electronica, Ambient noise, Sound-art, Ambient drone, Noise, Microtonalism, Minimal, Avant-garde, Experimentalism/

Comment: The Return To Swill Mountain was the first album released by Johnny Crewdson in 2011. More detailly, it is a massive exploration on droning snippets, minimal yet englutting brown noises and microtonal thudding, often surrounded by ghastly (dark) ambient mist which at times is "illuminated" with the glimpses of ancient human voice samples or more "recognized" electronic music (electronica) and shimmering electro-acoustic facades. By the main intention this 8-track publication can have common parts with the likes of Pan Sonic, Caustic Reverie, slept., Frank Bretschneider, The Vitrines, Morgen Mittag, and Marc Broude. An eminent album by any means.
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