Monday, September 19, 2011

Zoo - Atrox (2011)

/Industrial techno, Avant-techno, Experimental techno, Lo-fi, Dystopic, Bubblegum/

Comment: Zoo (Marko-Luka Zubčić) is an artist working primarily in sound and theatre. His main interests used to revolve around blue disintegration, vulgar editing and romances outside networks. He tends to call his music "kitchen rave", even though it encompasses a diversity of genres. His composing process mostly consists of recorded sounds and found sounds, as well as dusty digital glitches and dance-rhythm-machines memorabillia, mashed into a bleak glitter of perspiration. He is interested primarily in beat economy, researching new tensions between a kick and a handclap, and tries to make places with his music. His discography consists of Curfew Disco (a sonic movie), Pile (collection of collaborations), Puke, and Atrox (a mothership), as well as work with Zloom, and Szilo. He is musically currently working on his next album, as well as next albums of the mentioned bands, and as a producer of Sara and probably some other new Ducks Records (Rijeka-based label) stars. He lives in Rijeka as a student and a part-time theatre director. Let`s have some words about his 5-track album. It does consist mainly of rough locomotive-like rhythms, which is varied with bubblegum-ish beats and dystopic ambience above it. It is very far away from this hermetically produced bloody mainstream dance sound. More concretely, if you are intended to get just about clear-cut picture in front of your eyes, it can be seen as making adrift between the early Cabaret Voltaire, Locust, and Techno Animal. Great work indeed.
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