Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoom-On-A-Kill - I Was Her (2011)



/Samplecore, Breakcore, Cut and paste, Plunderphonics, Freeformfreakout, Sampledelic/

In comparison with the first album (Couleurs Sans Danger, 2010) by Zoom-On-A-Kill the direction and thought of the latest release is not piled up under a bunch of clenched sounds. Therein can be sensed a lot of different milieus and pleasant air fluttering around you, all the samples are clearly segmented and set out, on the other side, yet never keeping on hold against outrageous maelstrom of sounds which at this time does veer from film score samples, vinyl crackles and 8-bit pieces to vintage Latin rhythms, deep vibes, heavily slapping beats, sliced electro-gears and psych-out MC-ing. In a nutshell, these short-running tracks are the witnesses of an astute manipulation of previously cooked sonic information.
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