Thursday, January 6, 2011

[Old but important] e.p hall the edge the middle (CLLCT)

e.p hall has been one of the queens on the Bloomington-based CLLCT alongside with iron like nylon (Meghan Lamb) and Shelby Sifers. By avoiding to be a target by possible feminist attacks, however, I don`t feel myself internally hindered for to get name her as one the excellencers on the New Weird America scene as well. Moreover, she has been active since the first half of 00`s (the first demo was recorded in 2003), relatively long before the starting point of CLLCT. Listening to her home recorded 6-track album (2006) again after a while, after being on a year-long interval away from it I shall have to admit her conception works previously very good out. She is a musician who loves driving on acoustic guitars, mingling its mellow chords together with emotive, sometimes dream-alike voice and some synth currents and gurgling electronics. Indeed, at times e.p hall is used to be changed herself into an acutely flaming fur by putting acoustic guitars down or throwing them to the background and letting machine-inflected and electricity-filled sounds overlap and conquer the record`s backbone. For instance, That Letters and Numbers make is an epic maelstrom having lots of turnings up and down, getting quite close to the noise/shoegaze ensembles at times. A classic touch indeed.

Listen to it here
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