Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My best albums of 2009

Eluder - Drift (Archaic Horizon)
toby dammit - L`uomo Dei Palloncini (Clinical Archives)
Coen Oscar Polack - the skipping monk (recording of nature and culture in india) (Narrominded)
Muhmood - 6200 Miles Of Silence (Noecho)
starstarstar - Electric Goose and The Nylon Moose (Rack & Ruin)
Japanese Gum - Lost In Weirdness (Chew-Z)
Muhr - Farewell Anthology (Soft Phase)
Wild Honey - Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug (Lazy Recordings)
Dan Masquelier – States Away (Jamendo)
Hipster Youth - Hearse Road Trip (Rack & Ruin)
Brian Borcherdt - Torches (the Ward Colorado demos) (Hand Drawn Dracula)
Chad Golda - CHAD GOLDA`S ALBUM (Rack & Ruin)
Artwood - Friday After Friday (Artwood)
Hungry Owl
- Travelling Man (Rack & Ruin)
Magical Unicellular Music - Kampuchea, my Kampuchea (Clinical Archives)
Kangsinu - Planet Of The Rape (Jamendo)
Hox Vox - Harry Up Harry - part 1 (Jamendo)
Cagey House - Lark (Free Range Beats)
Canoply Games - Cthulhucore (Jamendo)
Ashbrg - observer-expectancy effect (Hamsterloco)
Brad Fielder - Sacred and the Vulgar (Rack & Ruin)
Joxfield ProjeX - Bits And Pieces #1-13 (Clinical Archives)
Jason Sposa/Mike Downey -The Same Heart (Heartphone)
Brothertiger - Apache Feathers (Modicum Of Silence)
Frost Faire - Mean Little Girls (Rack & Ruin)
Juanitos - Best Of (Jamendo)
Our Subatomic Earth - Infinite (Modicum Of Silence)
The Wind Whistles - Animals Are People Too (Aaahh)
Amitron_7 - The Anton Phase Electro Clockwork Menagerie (enoughrecords)
Cyclofillydea - Bunker (R.A.I.G Accessory Takes)
Bernier & Trottier -... Et Retrouvé En Fôret (12rec)
Cudevaso - Tryin`To Fuck You (Aregueifa)
Kitty & the K - Greatest Hits (Kitty & the K)
Bark Cat Bark - Mathilde (Sonic Reverie)
docks - Ship EP (Reverse Engine)
landschall - sox on the rox (Broque)
The Cousins - The Cousins (Jamendo)
Katatsumuri - Synthptomatic (Hamsterloco)
Joxfield ProjeX - Virtual Dreams & Realities (Clinical Archives)
Magical Unicellular Music - Kamen (Clinical Archives)
Алексей Рафиев и Алексей Борисов - Знамение Пресвятой Богородицы (Clinical Archives)
Hox Vox - Ètoile (Jamendo)
Julian Winter - L`art pour l`art (Petite & Jolie)
SuperD`Orch - SuperD`Orch (Audiotalaia)
Uberlulu - "Bordel ! Désordre !" s'écria, hébété, le monarque devant son feu de cheminée" (Jamendo)
Les Dix-Huit Secondes - Les Cahiers Des Improvisations - Premier Volume (Bandcamp)
Caustic Reverie - Fissure (Jamendo)
Dereleech - Servants Of Entropy (Jamendo)
Dead Bugs - Magical Animals (Kill Mommy)
adamned.age - whiteout (PublicSpaces Lab)
Oskar Hallbert - 1123581321345589 (Zymogen)
Les Dix-Huit Secondes - Les Cahiers Des Improvisations - Deuxieme Volume (Bandcamp)
Masta Bruce - Goregasm (Trashfuck net)
Dave Keifer - The Cartoon Mouse Regards (Bump Foot)
The Family Simpson - Montague`s Lunchtime Speciale (WM Recordings)
Clinker - Thru`the Fly Machine (Opera Dog Productions)
Thuoom - Sun resonate my summer (Textural Healing)
Osoroshisha - Nanimo Nai Wakusei (Petcord)
Humberto Luis Schenone - Human Tracks II/Heq (Clinical Archives)
Hannah M.G Shapero - My name is Marietta Cashman (Justnotnormal)
The Last Merendina - First Soldino (Kill Mommy/Barbie Noja)
Hommik x Kali Briis - Breakfast (OneSense)
Caustic Reverie - Mithridatium (Jamendo)
Azeda Booth - Tubtrek (23 Seconds)
slept. - slept. (Test Tube)
Absentia - Reversion (Kaos Ex Machina)
Uberlulu - Thit It Pop (Jamendo)
Monokle - Tesaurus (Id.Eology)
brunk - insert coins to continue (WM Recordings)
Gnomefoam - Retina Fanfare! (Jamendo)

This is a list of the albums that really astonished me in 2009. I seriously wished I would have had much more time and no any other restrictions for the listening to music. Then this chart would be much more stretched out than seen above. Actually it will take approximately 3-4 years onward to complete comparably proper list of the best of 2009. However, thanks to all musicians without You this list could not have any results to exist. God bless you. Happy New Year.
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