Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ev3nmorn – Solar Waves (2012)

  • Drag house 
  • Witch house 
  • Post-whatever 
  • Electronic music 
  • Alternative

Comment: you could only imagine is it the proper sound of solar waves, the waves which are both deadly and the fountain for life on Earth. This issue of 7 compositions is a part of the so-called witch house/drag house movement which rather is being ominously gothic and glowering yet by listening to the outing it casts lots of shades with bright glimpses and synthesised beams. It might be the artist's sun is thoroughly artificial and unconventionally cold, therefore it could be called the anti-sun, the anti-star. Let's speak some words about the music as well – you could imagine the majesty of Lycia played only on synthesisers though frequently those moments are banged up by poppy tootles and flickering electronic progressions imbued with vocoder drenched and echo filled vocals on the occasion. It was released in 2012 when the witch house/drag house genre was yet very actual. Fairly nice result indeed being a part of the discography of Oddot.
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