Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here Be Monsters – Thousands Are Still Asleep (1992)

  • Sound collage
  • Ambient
  • Avant-garde
  • Experimentalism
  • Noise
  • Psycho-acoustic
  • Non-music
  • Leftfield
  • Plunderphonics
  • Industrial music
  • Drone
  • Electronic music

Comment: this issue consists of one long-running almost 31 minute composition. However, the whole is a medley of different artists` works and disparately stylized compartments. More profoundly, there are up such artists as Minòy, PBK, Adam Bohman, Agog, Crow, De Fabriek, Factor X, Kazuhiro Ohtsuuka, Merz, Mystery Hearsay, Seiei, Jack, Sismoid, Tuf and Van Der Veens. Musically it used to trudge from rattling rhythmical bumps and hisses at different frequencies and word samples to dreamy microscopic noises and sublime electro-acoustic panning. Now and then one might perceive it like an open immense room with many alleyways which is unlocked for all pedestrians coming around and having different musical tastes. On the other side, such a sort of art might switch him/her to be a subject of stampeding perceptions. The mishmash includes a pile of bewildering sonic effects and hazy progressions. For instance, therein is represented singing of oriental heritage though being switched upside down. By the way, the issue embarks on and finishes off with the snippet. Of course, it is very sympathetic the half-hour is replete with lush analogue fabric and threads thereof giving a more softened touch to the sound even though many sounds are designed in an ominous and abrasive mode. In general, there are up two possibilities considering the title – either it is thought to wake up or soothe the listener into profound yet somewhat deranged sleep. Here Be Monster is the project of Zan Hoffman and the issue had initially been released in 1992 (under his own ZH27 imprint). On the whole, beyond the fact of having historical value (the aforementioned artists were a substantial part of the underground cassette movement in the 80s) on its own the whole is a sequence of mind-boggling snippets where chaos is just an instrument to move toward a more universal integrity. Additionally to (re)discover and support old yet underrated artists I recommend to listen to such platforms and imprints as Bob Chaos, Museum Of Microcassette Art, CS Industrial 1982-2010, Cassette Art Classics, Haltapes and read such blog as Die or D.I.Y?. 
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