Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Stained Glass (2013)

  • Post-punk
  • Neo-progressive rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Synth rock
  • Electro-rock
  • Crossover
  • Dance rock

Comment: this notch takes on a borderline of such styles as post-punk, progressive rock, symphonic rock, electro-rock/synth/dance rock. To add all these elements into one melting pot at a time it is not very ordinary even today at the time of postmodernist approaches and practices wherein different styles are crossed and recontextualized into something familiar yet different. All the compositions are instrumental and could be quite contemplative (Let It Burn!). Many patterns of synths, many patterns of guitars, many patterns of rhythms are interlaced with each other into the organic whole. It is the one-man-project of Maxim Khorsun from Simferopol, Crimea peninsula, Ukraine which is occupied by the Russian Federation at the moment.