Saturday, October 10, 2015

Featherfin - Butterfly Girl EP (2015)

/Baroque pop, Indie pop, Crossover, Electronica, Drone folk, Art folk, Alternative pop, Chamber pop, Folktronica, Indietronica, Dream pop/

Comment: Featherfin is an artist from Norway whose 5-track extended player Butterfly Girl on EardrumsPop/6-track issue at Bandcamp (with Featherfin`s own remix of one of those compositions) has been produced in the way to bring to the surface a wide range of musical influences from different areas and eras for your pleasure. One can hear picturesque folk tunes coming out of the 60`s Great Britain, for instance. On the other side, the issue does feature a distinctive, a languid and smacking mixed feel of music of the Scandinavian Peninsula/northern countries. Thirdly, it is certainly a contemporary suite – technically it was produced, mixed and composed on an iPad (of course, it is not so important!). The release involves many production tricks and conjuring electronic sounds between and around the organic instruments (the strings, and glockenspiel). In a word, it is a common example of substantial music being issued on Norway-based label EardrumsPop. Get it! 
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