Tuesday, October 13, 2015

elephantknuckle - When the Screaming Stops, the Madness Begins... (2009)

/Grindcore, Electronic, Crossover, Deathcore, Goregrind/

Comment: it is a frantic mixture of heavy-weighted, metal-oriented styles though electronic music does have a noticeable impact on it. It is intense and sultry, providing dodges and hooks in different directions through speech and situation-indicative samples, manipulations of the radio dial, and sinister moaning and electronically loaded rhythms. At times it is calmed down though not being more rational the least bit. For instance, listen to Simple Simon, the first half of it consists of the screaming of a woman, the noise of a chainsaw, uncanny buried singing thereby conjuring a fairly weird, threatening sense which is very comparable with the most straightforward, slamming moments within it. Axis I - Dissociative Fugue starts off with pagan-alike whiffs of a flute which later will be amended with drilling electronic rhythms and riffs of synth-guitars. In a word, the result is truly thought-provoking.
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