Friday, October 16, 2015

Di Bos - Five episodes from Le garage hermetique (2011)

/Experimentalism, Acousmatic music, Sampledelic, Crossover, Musique concrète, Improvised music, Jazz, Avant-garde/

Comment: let`s bring forth some the most marked remarks about this 5-track issue. It is highly fragmented and dissipated, the unity of it is destroyed at the first sight. However, it is being accomplished in a crafty way. So the listener must have no fear to slide into a possible schizophrenic world. It is just art, though truly fragmented one for your sake. One can hear hints at jazz and improvised music, at concrete and acousmatic music tendencies, at outsider/eccentric pop and electronic music explorations. It consists of short-running tracks most of which are permeated with an uncountable amount of turns and twists everywhere. In fact, if the listener is interested in creating the whole it her/his head then he/she has to listen to it many times in a row. Behind this project is Di Bos, who is also known due to heading great Italian imprint La bél with amazing folktronic/indietronic musician Elisa Luu.
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