Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer Of Haze – Hazy Memories EP (2011)

/Synthwave, Dreamwave, Sea punk, Newbreed, Witch house, Drag house, Vaporwave, Leftfield pop/

Comment: this handful of pieces would have been a great pop issue if the world were a more affective and smarter place. Indeed, all the elements represented over there are masterfully balanced within it – from spooky yet dreamy synthesised hovers with additional of voice-based codas and hyper-realistic ambient and found sound mixed sonic plateaus to unexpectedly entering sinister noise torrents and even post-punk-esque bass thumping (Slept Together). By listening to it for many times in a row the listener can actually perceive the impact of an early Ariel Pink on further development of innovative pop music – by the New Weird movement and neo-psychedelic approach to dream-soaked indie pop/chillwave and witch/drag house and vaporwave music. Ariel Pink demonstrated that the kind of geek music could sound in a very ctachy (poppy?) way in fact. Although the Tambov, Russia-based artist provides idiosyncratic detours and threads the pre-eminent value of the issue surfaces with regard to its organic feel and effortlessness. Indeed, the easiness is densely mixed up with murkiness that someone might think of that as something of house music for Satan worshippers
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