Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jaroslaw Lewandowski – Overhearing (2009)

/Glitch techno, IDM, Deep techno, Experimental electronica/

Comment: although this 11-track issue could be considered an example of dance music it is actually much more than just a mere groovy vibe act. Indeed, it is based upon crunchy IDM-alike techno beats yet the Polish producer JL is handy at embellishing those rhythms with glimmering and warm synthesised vibes as if coming out of the nexus of the Earth or layers of otherworldly still life. For instance, listen to a track called Yesterday Night of being an instance of ideal pop music. These tracks just start off from nowhere to progress and manifold slowly yet consistently during the pathway. The artist`s music is about beats and intimacy wrapped up in velvety tones and enchanting predilection of thought-provoking sonic ideology. Even the most minimal and austere moments over there, for instance, 14b (Surrealizm Remix), Intro reveal their nature of being ready to ensnare their victim. In a word, it is a case of meta-techno wound up in front of the listener.
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