Sunday, August 30, 2015

Post Human Era – Help, I Invented The Internet (2012)

/Electro-indie, Alternative pop, Poptronica, Epic, Art pop, Indie pop, Remix, Americana/

Comment: Daniel and Michael Finfer aka Post Human Era`s 7-track/12-track issue embarks on catchy yet sublime, even epic melody and harmony progressions at Supplies which will continue in next compositions in a similar way. More profoundly, it is the electro-indie/pop issue with bold Americana influences ultimately surfacing the talent of the Finfers. Great singing and arrangements behind it are set to establish the overwhelming punch. Maybe you will find out some similarities with such Americana and experimental pop/rock moulded artists as Magnetic Fields, Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, and His Name Is Alive, however, the members of Post Human Era used to bring forth their own idiosyncratic concept and vision. The album will be finished off by a remix version of Glowbug about Building The Machine. The issue is a part of the legendary Moscow-based cult label Clinical Archives (I am still waiting for new issues under the imprint). I recommend listen to other issues by the combo and its related acts as Ancient Lasers, and Glowbug. 
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