Saturday, August 15, 2015


/Witch house, Drag house, Newbreed, Dark wave, Synthwave/

Comment: in fact, it is quite puzzling to add something original by describing this 5-track issue. The issue comes out of the era when chillwave music showed signs of withdrawal and instead the witch house/drag house scene was blossoming and spreading its seeds worldwide. The best thing related to the genre was the artists were not ashamed of themselves to cross different genres ranging from abstract electronica and noise to post-punk and shoegaze related elements. Murky synthesised progressions, sinister rhythmic patterns beneath and uncanny Unicode symbol filled titles and names arouse something otherworldly and alien. The movement instigated to cook up weirdly sounding tags and stylisations. KVLTIK is a Russian-based artist whose issue involves emotively nostalgic, even contemplative moments in addition to more aggressive synthesizer induced ebbs and flows. In a word, it could be an example of contemporary house music for contemporary shamans and sensitives. It is fairly decent in its wickedness. The outing is a part of Oddot, the witch house outlet for many artists.
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