Friday, August 14, 2015

Aaron Yabrov – Tonmuseum (2015)

/Hauntology, Avant-garde, Acousmatics, Organic electronica, Dark wave, Abstract, Experimentalism, Dark ambient/

Comment: this album consists of a couple of compositions titled as Tonmuseum, and Pendulum. The issue is composed of found sounds and one pre-recorded analogue synthwave. By listening to it I shall have to admit the result is obviously more overwhelming than the sum of its components. Emotionally it is thoroughly eerie and enchanting like a picture being envisaged about a Sabbath of the witches. Furthermore, these elaborate sounds herald doom to happen in a near future. The artist exerts the sounds of church bell which is a welcome source to disrupt silent ambient flows around or amplifying solemn components to an extent to change its intention into something sinister. Mostly throughout the course the sounds seem to be elaborately buried and restrained to create a slot to release sonic events through it. At times the soundscape is varicoloured with high-pitched piano chords which soon will be channelized into the usual,obscure sound. Aaron Yabrov used to accelerate and decelerate some sonic bits therefore providing more twists and variables to the soundscape. The result is frantic and reverberating both emotionally and sonically. It is the follow-up to his album From Above And Below
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