Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Own Cubic Stone – Pagan Forest – Part 2 (2014)

/Industrial, Avant-garde, Industrial electro, Musique concrète, Martial industrial, Illbient, Dark electronica, New Age, Experimentalism, Leftfield, Neoclassical/

Comment: first of all I shall have to apologize I have not listened to the first part of Pagan Forest double album yet. It will have done later I promise to you. However, the second part of it consists of 7 long-running compositions drawing on industrial electro and electronic layers. It is saturated with low-slung rhythms which in turn are up to set up the background to ill-omened echoes, crawling synthesizer progressions and green and grey drenched shades as if coming straight out from hell. Gravelly scratchy yet somewhat buried guitars add new colours and patterns to the mix. Additionally you can feel a slight lo-fi/DIY vamp being immersed in the whole in a way. Actually the term “pagan forest” should refer to a place of being quite contrary to the civilization and involves acts being mysterious, sinister and inapprehensible. On the other side, we can perceive such places in our civilization either. Furthermore, any human being`s existence as an example of a small universe embraces also such corners and pigeonholes. However, there are represented examples which used to deviate from the rest – Nantosuelta chimes like a hyper realistic thread being influenced by the New Age music rather than sustained by the tradition of industrial music. Arawn depicts a world where incisive digital droning and infrequent bass drum chords are amplified with concrete music whiffs and even kind of radiophonic experiments (at the end). The issue is a part of the discography of dhatūrā Records, the French label whose 68-notch one seems to be profound and hidden with gems. Actually it is a tremendous source for any music lover who is addicted to neoclassical/martial industrial/neofolk sounds. Let`s explore these slits!
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