Sunday, July 5, 2015

Deprivation – Corona (2013)

/Breaks, Acid jazz, Chill out, Mood music, Chilltronica, Downbeat, Nu jazz/

Comment: Deprivation`s album Corona is something about to bring forth an untangled touch between rhythms and upper melodic layers. If the electronic music would be an undomesticated animal with untamed nature and apparent wish to bite you then electronic music would be something like Corona after the training by Deprivation. More concretely, frequently rhythmic shuffles are embellished with mellow electronic/acid jazz whiffs as if a gentle breeze coming out of somewhere to caress your ears and tranquilize your hot-headed temper. Although there is represented a bunch of 8 tracks in total all of that results in a seamless flow of music without any substantial turns and forays. In true, piano chords are variegated with some excited breakbeat/jungle rhythms but it is something about to happen incessantly thereby being an essential part of the outing. It might be the title track conjures difference due to creating a feeling as if you`re walking through the streets in Paris. In a word, listen to it and get a part of it.
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