Saturday, May 16, 2015

Things Falling Apart – "a broken history" live bootleg series: dekalb 2014-08-16 (2014)

/Space rock, Live session, Improvised music, Doom rock, Experimental rock, Psych-rock, Post-rock/

Comment: Things Falling Apart`s live session consists of a couple of improvisations extended over 37 minutes. It starts off slowly, progresses slowly and finishes off… of haing a little bit quicker tempo. However, the nine head collective in the meantime creates something fairly special for the listener to feel himself/herself floating somewhere in outer space or wrapped up in azure clouds. In a word, this is the issue`s spaced-out component. Black matter (in outer space) is interlaced white matter (in the listener`s brain). Secondly, the group`s music multiply the compartments within your soul. In a word, it is the release´s another spaced-out component with regard to inwards. In a nutshell, you don`t need neither the spaceship nor intoxication by drugs after the listening to it anymore.
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