Monday, September 15, 2014

Mount Eerie Live at Hurricane Creek Grange on 2011-10-05 (2011)

  • Americana
  • Indie folk
  • Alt-folk
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Folk indie
  • Live recording
  • Psych-folk
  • Dream folk
Comment: by listening to this 10-track live session can admit that Phil Elverum aka The Microphones aka Mount Eerie is one of the most imaginative artists showing up his depth and capability to change every song into an event. The live is performed with another musician, Julia (who is also from Anacortes, DC Washington, USA) who obviously plays keyboards invoking fabulous synthesised panoramas and virtuous whiffs out of them. However, in centre Elverum`s guitar and doleful singing are elliptically shaped, at times being stretched out and sometimes more stripped down in his trajectory. The result is a quite short-running but bewitching Americana/indie folk footmark.
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