Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some best albums in 2013

Kontora Kooka - Check (Clinical Archives)
ALL BLX - Acme (Self-released)
Bisamråtta - Bisamråtta (Self-released)
Tont - Teispoolsus/Otherside (Self-released)
Sun Devoured Earth - A Static Life (Self-released)
Erik Mowinckel - Erik Mowinckel (Giant Manilow)
Kasahara Shunichi - Tender Is The Night (MiMi)
MrJuan - London Jerks (Jamendo)
Abisales - XDCS (Self-released)
Bite - Room (Basic_sounds)
Teisikud - EP (Eesti Pops)
SOL - And The Mouth Of Time Is Open (Drowning)Ou Où - Geocities (Already Dead Tapes)
Dean Blunt - Stone Island (Афиша)
Slitscan - Slitscan (Self-released)
The Hathaway Family PlotWorry (WM Recordings)
Cagey House - Rocks And Feathers (pan y rosas)
Zoÿ Archa - Tremendous Fury (Textural)
My Bloody Valentine - mbv (mbv)
Joxfield ProjeX - Archives EP 2 - Fivekus (Tin Can)
Galaktlan - Second Memory (Archaic Horizon/Seksound)
Iduvigik - Laulud lindudelt (Õunaviks)
Crow 44 - Crow 44 (Stone Throw)
Mikr Tonalwsky - End Of The Rat (Triceratupuz)
Mank - Gutta Percha (Self-released)
Background Radiation - Uniform Static (No-Source)
Chad Golda - House Sounds (Writing)
Air Protection Office - Techno KryptA (Ekar Records)
Lluvia Acida - Insula In Albis (Pueblo Nuevo)
So I'm An Islander - Æwenty'e (Self-released)
Empty Flat Resonance - Cephalothorax (Textural Records)
Nac/Hut Report - Angel-like Contraction Reverse (Self-released)
Bing Satellites - The Dream (BFW Recordings)
Violence - Violence Reptile (Steak Au Zoo)
Harmash - Der Golem (Foundamental)
Fèlicia Atkinson - VISIONS/VOICES (Umor-rex)
Javier Toro - Ambiente Oceanico (Organic Acoustic/Singapore Sling Tapes)
I Am Esper - A Dream Of Someone Else (Self-released)
Dutch Barn - ePop036 (Eardrums Pop)
Schultz And Forever - Céline EP (Cracki)
aiRless pRoject - Daydreaming of You (Self-released)
x.y.r - Big Calm (Self-released)
Aidan Baker & A-Sun AmissaScarpe Sensée (Drowning)
Jinko Vilova - CRU (Self-released)
Keshco - Freaks At A Wake (pan y rosas)
Jarguna & Uzbazur345 - Oscure Presenze (Buddhist On Fire)
Lowercase Noises - Blake (Self-released)
The Womb - Origami Swam (Blocsonic)
Cremator - Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (Field Hymns)
Hectic Zeniths - Type One Era (Buddha Tapes)
A Finnish Contact - In Case We`ll Meet (Kohlhaas)
LeapFrog - LeapFrog (Self-released)
Cold Womb Descent - Apocatastasis (Self-released)
Linear Bells - Helio Grabados (Test Tube)
The Hairy Giant - Veinous Dominus EP (Storage Unit)
Bastien - Equatorial Connection (Broque)
aboombong - adumbral- études dans le controle imprécis (Pen & Mallet)
HGHCLR - WAVES (Zeon Light)
Organ Of Qwerty - Treasury Of Curiosities (Test Tube)
Allinn - Allinn (Self-released)
VandelklangRolanron EP (Monofònicos)
Marten Limbach - Lained EP (Eesti Pops)
Chinese Cookie Poets + Nicolau Lafetà - Danza Cava (Mansarda)
Jakob Juhkam - H (Self-released)
Sole - Crimes Against Totality (Self-released)
Baden Dangit - Button Lack EP (MAV)
Mizgir - Amanaska (Archipel)
Primitive Noyes - Emergent §ea??? - Slow Emergency (Self-released)
Velvet Sky - We Never Close EP (Sologroove)
Alligator Indian - More Songs About Animals And TV (Bleeding Gold)
Massimo Ruberti - The City Without Sun (Nostress)

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