Monday, October 31, 2011

Thuoom - re:EP (2011)

/Abstract techno, Minimal, Noise, Experimentalism, Avant-garde, Forest folk, Experimental electronica, Post-psychedelic electronica/

Comment: first of all, it is a big event that Tuomo, A Finnish musician arrived at us after a while. If you have listened to his previous soundscapes on his own Textural Healing label then you are aware of the high quality of his oeuvre and became ready for new, innovative expectations. At the time he offers up a cluster of 4 tracks, made up with the assistance of 4-string acoustic guitar, digital camera (Samsung Digimax A7), electric guitar, music box. Moreover, he exploits digital reverb, pitch bending, even distortion, on the other side his sound is highly elusive and faery. Indeed, you can generalize it as elfin noise, brownie techno, or something like that. In a word, it stands outside the recognized places of our world, reflecting upon the hypnagogic statuses of the human being.
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