Sunday, February 10, 2019

Erich Schall – Gewichtheben auf Eis (2018)

  • Deep house 
  • Tech-house 
  • Club dance 
  • Deep techno 
  • Downtempo 
  • Drum and bass 
  • Electronic music

Comment: this set of 9 pieces of electronic tracks is as playful and fulfilled as one solid electronic and club dance mixed issue can be. Undoubtedly Erich Schall (he is being a member of such combo as Drehkommando) has been an experienced creator of sounds since the beginning of the 10s. Lots of different roundabouts can be met over there – from hypnotic techno and intense jungle rhythms to more dynamic and cinematic house vibes and just laid-back electronic explorations. At times stylistic borders within some tracks will be hazed. Yeah, the favourite of mine is the title track – yeah, it is a superb house propulsion, however, all the tracks are fine factures of tempo and stepwise changes. The most experimental track is obviously Broken Water where a downtempo/modern classical motif plays against the wall of white noise. The issue with intriguing name (weightlifting on ice) is a part of the discography of a Cologne, Germany-based imprint, Der Kleine Grüne Würfel.
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