Friday, June 1, 2018

Distopia – Visuales (2012)

  • Indie pop/rock 
  • Dance rock 
  • Electro-indie 
  • Lo-fi 
  • DIY 
  • Organcore 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Drone pop 
  • Psych-pop/rock 
  • Chillwave 
  • Alternative dance

Comment: my first thought about this short-running, 7-track issue was it is an example of the post-genesis of post-punk. In fact, this was my only opinion. However, the more I would have listened to it I got convinced it is a good example in term of the so-called retro music. An example of inferior retro music is something which just roughly copies elements from it and providing no further developments and so on. At Visuales which is an album by an Argentine-based artist Federico Maqui used to progress into a session of juggling of the contemporary chillwave and psych-rock scene while keeping up an intellectual and historic bound with the style. As we knew many post-punk bands´ first releases were downright experimental but later they into more dance-appealed areas and psychedelic music. For sure, the primary and secondary enterprises were influenced by krautrock and post-punk artists liked to dance. Visuales is a permanently fluid release veering away from crisp psych-pop/rock and dance rock numbers to chillwave-ish and drone pop excursions. Yet it is a wander-in-rags chillwave concept because the artist`s intention is not to provide a stairway to heaven or at least a slot into a roseate past. More credibility is added by another outstanding Argentine-based artist Transvorder (Mariano Peccineti) who mastered the issue (under CABAÑA DISCOS).
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