Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Tinopener's Art – A Mode Of Reward (2017)

  • Electronic pop 
  • EBM 
  • Synth-pop 
  • Post-disco 
  • Rave music 
  • EDM 
  • Dark electro 
  • Trip-hop

Comment: this bunch of 14 tracks is a hefty meal of different styles, some of them are more contemporary, some of them harking back to the past. While stepping back it is sometimes necessary to get a glimpse toward the future. At times it is surprising like entering into a parallel universe. Do you know how would sound Rammstein produced by an electronic body music producer? Here it is. By the way, many songs are backed up by rough German language. The artist has set up some tracks on autotune and deliberately clean digital sounds thereby showing up his wish to take part in a contemporary music scene, more profoundly, entering into the post-rave and EDM scene. For sure, many compositions are vamped up a bit in an exaggerated way and it's a positive approach to shake the frowsty styles. The words are often seductive and loaded with velvety eroticism. The album is finished off with a suggestive trip-hop beauty, called At The End Of The Road which reminds me of Pulp's more seedy tracks like This Is Hardcore, and Seductive Barry. Artsy pop. It is classy to end an issue with a classy track.
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