Monday, March 5, 2018

Roberto Daglio - Coll.of Coll. Two (2014)

  • Yacht rock 
  • Mood music 
  • Jazz pop 
  • Lounge 
  • Easy listening

Comment: this set of 4 tracks is the follow-up to the same titled issue though I have not listened to it yet and because of that I have no chance to compare the two ones. However, it is not a problem. So much as I have listened to it so far it is obviously the most moody and easily running issue getting inspiration from cloudless sky, and deep blue ocean. Yet the listener cannot deny the impact directed to the body – so you could imagine a romantic club somewhere nearby the beach being coloured by the sunset and being the place for romantic meetings. Roberto Daglio also makes reference to his famous compatriot Ennio Morricone at Seed of Peace which is an angelic masterpiece. The Mirror includes an acidic, psychedelic development giving the track a catchy outlook. You can draw parallels upon such masterminds as Bruno Nicolai, and Paul Mauriat as well. Yet it is an outstanding success by Roberto Daglio himself.
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