Sunday, December 3, 2017

Blasphemation – An Oath of Total Allegiance to the Black God (2017)

  • Black metal 
  • Extreme metal 
  • Brutal metal 
  • Black noise 
  • Radiophonic art 
  • Sludge metal 
  • Goregrind 
  • Crossover

Comment: today is the first advent of the year of 2017 so because of that this set of 4 tracks can be considered an act of blasphemy. Although my deed is not an act of blasphemy because I do not consider Jesus as a deity. But I like Jesus as a righteous and rebellious person who attacked some obsolete principles for the sake of more people. Jesus can be considered an outstanding person among the likes of Plato, and Aristotle who are being the highest masterminds in the history of mankind. God by itself should not be described as white or black because given that adjectives cannot be accredited to God in a strict sense because it comes out from the realm of mankind to evaluate something. In an indirect sense, God can be considered as white and good because of creative processes. Musically it is an intriguing stuff due to starting off with a brutal and growling attack within the pigeonhole of mixed black metal/goregrind and after that stark rage it is going to happen. Sorcerer's Sight is a disrupted black noise example with lines and slots coming out from a parallel universe. It is mad and it is desperate where the notes are not resolved and it is like a painful drift through the layer of tortured souls. Stomped Into a Sludge is a hard rock with multiple layers as if all of them being played at the same time. Today the phenomenon is called sludge metal. The apotheosis of the release comes eventually in the final part, at the self-titled composition being a mixture of black noise, radiophonic art and something unidentified additionally. Sounds from a short wave radio are tightly mixed up with snippets and loops from speeches. So it can be said eventually it is a bipolar outing not only with regard to the opposition between brutal metal and black noise but inside the genres as well. Impressive outing from the slot of Torn Flesh Records.
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