Sunday, November 19, 2017

LFC – Encordoamento (2012)

  • Blues 
  • Delta blues

Comment: while reviewing Lucas Pastina aka LFC's Maggots In The Tongue a week ago it was a case of freaked-out vowel madness without the accompaniment of blues music. Like it was properly ordered by me there is up a set of three tracks called Encordoamento based on instrumental blues numbers. Blues by numbers. Delta blues by numbers. In fact, it chimes like a lengthy blues rock without any interruptions and turns inside hell. Given that the artist's music should be considered as a whole rather than separating some bits from it you can then actually see it as a turn within Lucas Pastina's music. For me, he is an outstanding madman in music from Brazil whose recent release is catchy through those iterative patterns on quite fastly plucked guitar strings. Ultimately I have to admit it is not an ordinary example of blues rock by numbers by considering the premise the abbreviation LFC does mean Lucas Fucking Crazy.
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