Monday, October 23, 2017

Abisales – ABSLS (2017)

  • Art rock 
  • Jazz rock 
  • Fusion 
  • Progressive rock 
  • Yacht rock

Comment: this swarm of 3 tracks is played by a quartet called Abisales who comes out of Còrdoba, Argentina. One chord is followed by another, gentle guitars are backed up by spacey synthesiser chords, the soundscape used to ascend and descend in a picturesque way.. Although it is tagged as psychedelic rock, space rock, and rock and roll at Bandcamp their music and intention remind more of progressive rock, and fusion. Their approach is based on the first mentioned tag, and the combo`s timbre is very fusion/jazz rock-alike. And yacht rock, of course, the style is quite nearby because for me the whole is an example of artsy mood music imbued with ambition, lofty feeling and craftiness. Predominantly a Pink Floyd influence is present over there. Great thanks to Fran, Nahuel, Pelado, Pablo, and Cristian. And of course, similarly to me you shall have to listen to the combo`s previous four issues either (in fact, XDCS (2013) was reviewed at RMH three years ago and mentioned as one of the best albums in 2013).   
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