Thursday, September 21, 2017

MigloJe – Perception (2017)

  • Ambient drone 
  • Microtonal 
  • Microsound 
  • Minimalism 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Abstract 
  • Dark ambient 
  • Leftfield 
  • Micronoise

Comment: it is said very exactly at the site of Kahvi Collective that the Lithuanian artist MigloJe is the master of drone in the discography of the imprint. Indeed, Perception is certainly a disparate case if to compare it to other issues I have heard so far. It avoids merry beats, easier synthesised progressions and picturesque compositions, it is being deliberately reserved and sealed in minimal droning and dark ambient aesthetic while arousing the listener's perceptions nevertheless. The structure of compositions used to grow slowly and stepwise. At times the aesthetic of droning is painted with loaded electricity and a wisp of more white coloured (orchestrated) overflows and some electronic effects, glitches, vague clicks and beeps and barely audible rhythms. Less is more and it will be approved eventually. As Malcolm Mooney of CAN once chirped in the beginning of the 70s that silence is an invisible conversation. It is a sublime drift between almost silence and sub-noise/microscopic noise. Of course, you shall have to add your perceptible appearances tightly correlating with them to the whole as well. It is an essential part of the perception. It may be a soundtrack for your nightmares. Highly appreciated in the perception of mine. Take enough time and silence to perceive it accurately. I guess in Lithuanian the title is as Suvokimas
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