Monday, May 8, 2017

The Bordellos – The Bordello underground tape vol 5 (2017)

  • Drone rock 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Psychedelic rock 
  • Garage rock

Comment: for me, any of The Bordellos` subsequent issues is a special event. This is the fifth tape by the St Helens, English-based combo and one has no chance to get disappointed. And having had no chance to get disappointed with regard to The Bordellos` aesthetics so far. At Temperature Drop [wa12 radio session] it starts off with a slowed-down organ droning accompanied by the lyrics chanted by Dan Shea reminding slightly of Mozza`s own. Indeed, we`ll crumble into dust. That`s the fact. All the thing depends on a certain person`s strength is he ready to reach new goals or is he obsessed and be morbidly overwhelmed. In other words, it a man`s fight with his/her own. Take in Prozac, take in Xanax. On the other side, at Sun Storm [Brian vocal] chimes like a version of a decelerated Jason Pierce providing hints at Ian Curtis either. I'm A Man [version 1] is a wild mix of decimating garage rock and Tex-Mex tendencies being obviously the most challenging track within it. I guess there are up not enough tracks in the world being driven by harmonica, and in this case the instrument is very furious. It is followed up a tranquil ballad called Autumn Grey. But you should not be suspicious altogether – it is a ballad of The Borellos` on its own terms. In a nutshell, it is a short yet multi-faceted issue which seems to be a honest outing because of following the human nature. 
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