Sunday, May 7, 2017

More Material ‎– Snow Owls For A Better China (2004)

  • Hardcore 
  • Screamo 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Electro-metal
  • Technical metal 
  • Alternative metal 
  • Harsh noise 
  • Trash metal

Comment: it may be a sort of indie rock but it is certainly in the terms of a record label called NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE. More profoundly, it is based on aggressive guitar riffs, anxiety fuelled vocal and screaming mixed lines, incisive electronics and slightly haphazard drumming around it. It is not fake, it is lively true. It starts off with a math rock tinged pattern to progress slowly into something harsher and suffocating. In fact, I cannot resist such sort of thrusting yet somewhat controllable dementia. Indeed, a listener can often perceive mechanical patterns behind this tumultous firework. The final minute is only dedicated to penetrating harsh noise. There are up 5 tracks to be clocked in at a 20 minute. The overwhelming issue is the 26th release in the discography of the imprint.  
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