Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Woozy Speakers – Nonlinearities (2011)

  • Indie rock 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Garage rock 
  • Noise pop

Comment: The Woozy Speakers is a combo from Massachusetts, USA and they play mostly booming guitar music though apologizing that some tracks from with n the 10-track issue are out of tune and may not be in-time. Maybe it is so, maybe it is not exactly that way but the most important aspect is that the result makes very sense because the flow of fair noise rock is constant and coherent pouring out of much energy and power from the loudspeakers. Additionally, one of the strengths of the issue is related to emotive side as well. For instance, Medicine is a fine love song with sublime profound echoes and an emotive blanket. At Walt The Hound Dog they (ironically) sing that “country music is in my blood” but one can hear certain influences coming from the East coast indie scene (The Pixies, and Dinosaur Jr.), and Scottish indie popsters such as The Vaselines, The Primitives, and The Pastels, and even some vibes of an early My Bloody Valentine (especially at If You Were You). Musically it is a quite linear alternative pop example but it is focused on a certain style and exploiting different penumbras to amplify the final result. And it fulfils a listener.
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