Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mato Grosso – Tea Party EP (2010)

  • Hardcore 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Power pop 
  • Post-hardcore 
  • Psych-rock

Comment: this set of 6 pieces is an amalgamation of a hardcore punk bottom and a blackened power pop vector. Indeed, it is not the music for puritans of those styles only. It is not hardcore by numbers. It is playful, cheeky and loving to go beyond. Those slamming drums and some irregular journeys on it, dynamic joint vocals and galvanised hirsute guitars are to constitute a formidable whole. Undoubtedly Tea Party EP is a disparate form of hardcore because it does not associate with certain tight predictable borders, it is not only about anxiety and rage, it is not a big fish in the creek, it is a big fish at the sea. Say yeah to the outing by the Spanish-based quartet..
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