Monday, February 13, 2017

Telluric – Telluric EP (2014)

  • Electronic music 
  • Alternative 
  • Synthwave 
  • Psybient 
  • Kosmische Musik 
  • Mood music 
  • Chilltronica

Comment: the first contact of mine with an imprint called Swishcotheque happened to a release (Analog Gentleman) by Marko Sula aka Out-Or who was an idiosyncratic underground artist in Estonia during the 90s. Similarly to the compatriot of mine it is quite problematic to describe the nature of Telluric's self-titled issue. Because it is a mind-blowing issue the role of mine as music reviewer seems to be quite impotent. However, let's trying at least. First of all, it is the kind of electronic music for our pleasure. I guess it is based on certain patches of synthesisers. It is saturated with digital noises and incisive sonic effects sometimes to provoke one's thought and mood. Certainly it is inspired by trance music though in a psychedelic key. On the other side, the aesthetic of synthesiser induced music in its acidic and spacious format is apparently a predominant element within it. It is fairly emotive to enjoy how synthesised chords used to turn upward and then downward in an acidic sauce. Imagine an early Talk Talk or Heaven 17 to starkly be influenced by Tangerine Dream. The issue is a platform to seamlessly merge all these elements with one another. And there is artistic elegance up in the air because the final track Trill Cue is an irresistible earworm. Get afflicted with it. Stunning stuff by any means.
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