Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cherushii – Manic EP (2016)

  • Jazz house 
  • House 
  • Club dance 
  • Remix 
  • Electro-house 
  • Deep house 
  • Electronic music 
  • Tech-house

Comment: Chelsea Faith Dolan aka Cherushii was a producer and an electronic musician whose life abruptly ended in the fire of a warehouse in December, 2016. Manic EP is a fine legacy to her doings, more profoundly, consisting of a couple of tracks only though both tracks (Rudy's Party, Manic) involve different kind of mixes thereby resulting in five compositions ultimately. Especially good of these mixes it is the Magic Touch Instrumental version of Manic where smooth jazz vibes on the base of a blaring saxophone by Marcia Miget are represented over there. However, the best tracks are the original ones with truly mind-blowing gears and enchanting transmissions and stunning progressions. It is a top tier to pay tribute to Chelsea Faith's outstanding musicianship. RIP.
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