Sunday, January 15, 2017

Liz Chidester – Otter Hill (2015)

  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Americana 
  • Indie folk 
  • Alt-folk 
  • Folk indie

Comment: Liz Chidester is a new singer-songwriter from, Chicago, Illinois, USA who is adept at storytelling to bring forth oldie traditions through music, lyrics and memories told once and now by one generation to next ones. It seems the tradition is something extraordinary seminal which enables new galaxies of indie folk/alt-folk and also mainstream folk and country artists to be cropped out. In a word, it is the seminal soil for singer-songwriters today and in the future. The outing of Liz is austere but poignantly accentuated to fill one's soul with emotional coverage and suggestive touch. She says these five songs are the most intimate she has ever written. It had been created during the worst winter storm in Chicago in 2014. All in all, let it be a boosting engine for your world of imaginations.
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