Sunday, January 1, 2017

Andy Kirk – I Used To Dance, Now I Romance (2006)

  • IDM 
  • Electronic music 
  • Alternative 
  • Toytronica 
  • Glitchtronica 
  • Experimental electronica 
  • Downtempo 
  • Epic

Comment: undoubtedly it is a fabulous 8-notch ghost from the past from the mid-00s when electronic underground music was still set up in the way to stand against the mainstream pop. There were up axial record labels like Mille Plateaux and Morr Music of which purpose was to disseminate IDM and glitched-out music and they succeeded in that. This album can be considered the magnum opus by Andy Kirk, because one could not find out other issues by the artist. The result is mind-blowing, catchy and just beautiful and thereof it used to evoke those cute memories which had existed 10-15 years ago while I was listening to artists who used to dwell between electronica, indie and glitchy beats. Furthermore, it reminds of advertising flashes at night while blinking and casting the light and neon shadows around and upon you. At times Andy Kirk's music sounds a bit infantile though it is obviously an affirmative moment by showing up the artist's ability to laugh at himself and drift more loosely in disparate ways. The issue contains a bunch of tracks which would throne the pop charts in an ideal world. Indeed, I like the kind of idealism which is presented in the artist's music. In fact, it is quite weird to experience such sort of a feeling as if you are foretold the future while you are listening to an issue from the past. The more you listen to it the more it opens up new angles and dimensions, at times one can feel it quite unfathomable. In a word, it is a mandatory listening for anyone who considers himself/herself to be a music fan. The issue is a part of the discography of Earth Monkey Productions.
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