Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Furiosa – ¿Quién Mató al Mundo? (2016)

  • Stoner rock
  • Hard rock 
  • Crossover
  • Speed metal 
  • Hardcore 
  • Doom rock

Comment: Furiosa is the duo of Aracely Sánchez (voice), and Alan Vargas (he plays guitars, and he obviously exploits a drum machine) from Chihuahua, México whose debut album ¿Quién Mató al Mundo? is as abrasive as the sand-paper. Indeed, it is a full-on experience where galvanized yet deliberately dejected stoner and doom riffs are intermeshed with Aracely`s herculean voice delivery (at times she is accompanied by Alan Vargas` own voice). Indeed, it is quite surprising of how a couple of people have made up a proper moshpit party based on stoner, doom, speed metal and hardcore punk mixed guitars, which used to wind and meander across one’s cerebral terrains and spinal cord. It could be said it is a quite simple, straightforward issue with powerful twists and the rock and roll attitude in some forms of metal music. However, at the second glance it is not simplistic at all. The issue is a part of the roster of Chihuahua-based imprint Nación Libre Records. The records is certainly worth to be focused upon it in the future because it embraces a very interesting scene.
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