Monday, August 15, 2016

Chancius - Bando (2015)

  • Art rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Alternative rock
  • Chamber pop
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Experimental pop

Comment: While this issue was plotted out to be an alternative rock opera to depict it does mean the artist must have been some aesthetic restrictions and prescriptions for writing process. In any cases, Chancius comes out of Brooklyn, New York, USA and the listener could readily perceive an exquisite, intelligent touch being so characteristic to many artists from the metropolis. By the recent case, Chancius' sophomore release enthralls the listener by straddling on the border between the restrained and unleashed. All of that turns on expectations in the listener to wait on what will be happening next. On the other hand, the artist controls the process totally allowing no indiscretions and turnoffs. Though he is slightly aloof with regard to the listener his posture suits finely with the music and overall conception. Musically it is an example of how quite austere artsy guitar playing is adeptly imbued with electro-acoustic sonic effects and electronic knacks. At times, at most dreamy glimpses the course is led by affectionate carillon playing and loopy orchestrations (at Big Wave). Obviously the artist is inspired by the local No Wave scene (and by its forefathers the Velvet Underground) and representatives of contemporary art rock/indie scene like The Antlers, Owen Pallett, Terrible Terrible, Foxes In Fiction, Panda Bear. However, those possible influences come in indirectly and rather on the base of similarity thereby allowing to create relatable possibilities between cultural layers and traditions in general. I am pleased he is not trying to spoil the concept with magniloquent details and bloated stances. He has set out a plot to operate within certain borders, however, having enough territory to move forward and then back, by right to left, from bottom to top. As an ancient Greek philosopher once said due to the borders it is possible to exist at all and only this allows you to go beyond, to go to the other side. Psychedelic, isn't? He will not crush himself in the playing out of his genuine role. Listen to Hologram King and you will get convinced this match was made in heaven to save unfortunate souls. In a nutshell, I fairly recommend listen to this 11-notch gentle bright.
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