Sunday, June 12, 2016

banvox & Nor – Flux (2015)

  • Post-dubstep 
  • Breaks 
  • Anime 
  • Electronic dance music 
  • Electro 
  • Alternative

Comment: this is another issue by Maltine Records from Japan and there are up tracks Resonance, and Flux, by such popular artists as banvox, and Nor (with regard to Soundcloud). Their sound is influenced by electronic dance music, post-dubstep, and electro. Those rhythmic parts are at times intertwined with moody, high-pitched electronic hovers, at times those rhythmic parts do demonstrate proclivity to change seriously and go across a hell-ish path. More profoundly, massive synthesizer squelches and intense electronic vibes are mixed up with bold rhythmic chords in the way to make sense and attract one’s attention. With regard to their Japanese background one could perceive child-ish, Anime pop-related elements with these pieces. Conclusively it could be said the pieces involve enough vivid contrasts to remember them and dash to dig up new issues under Maltine Records. Catchy-patchy.              
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