Sunday, April 24, 2016

Superbells – Parallel Lives (2016)

  • Ambient pop
  • Synthwave 
  • Soundscape 
  • Electronic music
  • Post-rock
  • Chamber rock
  • Epic 
  • Crossover
  • Drone pop

Comment: The Frenchman David Teboul's recent issue comprises fourteen episodes (which are differentiated as tracks, of course). I can remember for that the artist's many previous issues under the name Linear Bells were frequently produced in the way to consist of just one track. However, these compositions mostly clocked in at more than 30 minutes. Musically the recent one is a fabulous melange of ambient pop, pure ambient, synthesizer-based glimpses, post-rock (in truth, David Teboul exploits the guitars and cellos within it). However, stylistically it is even much broader and imbued with more nuances than described above. Furthermore, the aforementioned elements are at times interwoven with each other to synthesise new vivid forms (for instance, at His Last Major Tragedies). Sometimes one might think the artist is a little bit influenced by the French compatriot M83 though producing more evocative music. One is sure - the synthesisers are Teboul's biggest love with regard to the recent outing (let's listen to Meditation On The Nature of Love). The Merchant of Venice is an exception because of involving surprisingly singing. Emotionally the whole is overwhelming due to its epic convolutions and accentuated comprehensiveness (let's listen to The Sonnets, the amazing ambient pillar with solemn cathedral organ drones). In a word, it is an instance of great music that could be pop music in the year of 2116, for example). However, at the moment it has been the most impressive issues in 2016 so far.
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