Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mountain Cloth – Instant Peasant/A Cantaloupe Garden (2015)

  • Pub rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Indie rock 
  • Noise rock
  • DIY

Comment: Giant Manilow is a little imprint based in Birmingham, the UK that is a platform mostly for clamorous alternative pop/indie pop/DIY collectives. Of course, other indie music related genres can be found under the umbrella. Mountain Cloth is one of those groups being represented with a couple of pieces in the matter of the recent issue. It is very delightful to hear the band drifting between exquisite harmonious odds and ends and providing noisy rising in sound. At times a remarkable amount of pub rock roughness emits from within the whole. In a nutshell, the result is simple but salient. If I had a chance to lead the radio show I would play it in the afternoon. 
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