Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kingdom Of The Holy Sun – Thirteen Eyes EP (2014)

  • Indie rock
  • Space rock
  • Blues rock
  • Psychedelic rock
  • Trance rock
  • Drone rock
  • Alternative rock

Comment: with regard to the name of the Seattle-based quintet references emerging out from it used to be quite strong and fantasy-provoking. On the other side, music supports it entirely because of being loud and aesthetically overwhelming. It could be said this 4-track EP is an instance of genuine rock and roll whirlpool. It is rebellious and boisterous. More profoundly, it consists of droning psychedelic frequencies a la Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Spiritualized, glowering, muddy blues energy and murky, angular, deliberately rough post-punk spores a la Joy Division. Indeed, huge energy is up there from beginning point to final seconds. The guitars are massive, even epic on it, pummelling drums run on mid-tempo and it makes immediately difference. I guess it makes sense with any weather. It is undoubtedly mandatory. Holy Shit of the Holy Sun. 
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