Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nasienie – Private Loops (2011)

  • Ambient pop
  • Shoegaze
  • Post-rock
  • Electronic music
  • Crossover
  • Dream pop
  • Alternative

Comment: this 15-track issue is truly inspired from beginning to end because of consisting of elements being ennobling and sublime. Principally it is ambient music which is imbued with dream pop, shoegaze, and post-rock threads. On the other side, all this sort of categorization is indirect and implicit because the aforesaid stylistic determinations say quite little about true nature of the issue – all these parts are just faint flickers without definite borders and angles where one style is superimposed by another or just seamlessly melted into each other. The whole seems to dither surrealistically and phantasmagorically. It reminds a little of more atmospheric endeavours by My Bloody Valentine (The Light, for instance) or Slowdive`s technical and abstract issue Pygmalion. Recently I have listened to another very similar and staggering issue by Brother Saturn which was entitled as Tales Of Space Exploration 35-42 (2016). Last but not least I could remember for a dream where I entered into a music shop to buy a very rare tape recording of My Bloody Valentine which chimed truly fabulously but I eventually lost the gem. It was a truly horrendous experience to me. However, by listening to it this helps partly to restore the former feeling. In a word, the outing is mandatory due to its special nature and effect. Nasienie is a Russian project and the issue was released under legendary Portuguese imprint enoughrecords.
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