Saturday, March 5, 2016

Monster Jinx - ORFANATO Quintanilha Rock 2015 (2015)

  • Hip-hop
  • World music
  • Breaks
  • Rap
  • Ethnotronica
  • Urban music

Comment: artists under the Portugal-based imprint Monster Jinx have expressed their feelings by using electronically processed rhythms, nu/acid jazz and hip-hop aesthetic. The current 3-track issue is produced by such artists as Taseh, dgtldrmr, NO FUTURE, DarkSunn and Ghost Wavvves and does stylistically adrift across the terrains of hip-hop and world music (the influences of ethnic music coming out from the Middle East and Celtic cultural area). Peregrino is the exception because of being predominant hip-hop outing by its nature in comparison to the rest of the two tracks where coherent hip-hop energy surfaces due to enchanting chanting and looping electronics flitting in around in a captivating way. One is sure the music could be a decent candidate to be added to the list of WOMAD, for instance. All in all, the result is an intriguing listening.                  
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