Wednesday, January 6, 2016

UNDÆ! 2012

  • Noise
  • Experimentalism
  • Drone
  • Microtonal
  • Abstract
  • Organic electronica
  • Experimental electronica
  • Avant-garde
  • Electro-acoustic
  • Psycho-acoustic

Comment: it is a grandeur miscellany of 14 pieces with a total amount of 107 minutes. The concept´s choice is to explore electronic and acoustic elements in one joint thread. Of course, frequently it goes beyond the aforementioned borders (for instance, providing spot more on drone, ambient and even rhythmic noise music) and this kind of exaggeration is fairly welcome. On the other side, the genre of electro-acoustic music is huge enough to wind quite differently from one brim to another. Some audible examples are abstract and restrained insights, some used to swell and go across exuberant pathways. At times the artists represented over there exploit concrete music samples to convey a more human-close touch to their compositions. There are up such artists as Thom Blum, Donika Rudi, Nicola Monopoli, Josè Luis Maire, Frank Ekeberg, Clèment Parmentier, [zygote], Gordon Delap, Gintas K., Lidia Zielinska, Nichola Scrutton, Christian Banasik, and Vanessa Sorce-Lèvesque. The compilation is a part of Thrmnphone. 
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