Thursday, November 19, 2015

Terrible Terrible - Get The New Computer (2015)

  • Alternative pop
  • Indie soul
  • Hypnagogic pop
  • Art pop
  • Chillwave
  • Experimental pop
  • Chamber pop
  • Glo-fi
  • Electronic
  • Dream pop
  • Doo wop
  • Indie rock
  • Baroque pop

Comment: I am very convinced to assume that New Jersey, USA based combo Terrible Terrible is one of the best acts I have ever found at Jamendo, the France-based free music platform. Jack Browning, Mike Tarnofsky, Steve Kelly, and Mark Bucci have issued a couple of releases (Fail Better, and Get The New Computer) under the French imprint though their very first issues Hteet Gnillup, and Pulling Teeth can be found out at Bandcamp. Get The New Computer is not about machines unless they are talking about very sensitive machines because their music is thoroughly soulful, poignantly dreamy and replete with lush arrangements wherein crafty electronic undercurrents are inseparably mixed with Tarnofsky`s daydreamy vocal delivery, shuffled rhythms and artsy guitar handling.  All of that is saturated with something of a hyper-realist feel as if an interface to amalgamate baroque pop with glo-fi/chillwave touch, to mix up slowcore with hypnagogic attitude. If one wants to go back in time then she/he could hear doo wop drenched easiness and effortlessness in harmony structures. If you are searching some more known artists to draw parallel within it then you could find out some similarities with such projects as Atlas Sound, Gravenhurst, Grizzly Bear, Beat Detectives. In a word, it is an absolutely flawless effort.

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